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Assana: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Drama.

An isolated woman is content with her lonely life in the wilderness. But when a young boy enters her world, she discovers there is more to life than herself. Exploring passed her boundaries, however, is not going to be easy. There are creatures in the woods hellbent on keeping her there. Will she be able to defeat the bloodthirsty beings that have imprisoned her? And what will she find beyond?


This 30 min series pilot was shot in Southwestern Virginia in June of 2017. We are in post-production. 


Stacey Bradshaw

Danny Irizarry


Chris Cloud: Writer/Director/Producer

Ben Shelor: Co-Writer/Producer

Natalie Hernandez: Co-Writer/Producer

Mg Rizzello: Music Composer

Darren Van Dyke: Director of Photography

Josh The Gaffer: Gaffer

Lydia Foster: Costumes/Wardrobe

Claire Jesse: Make-Up

Tanner Mardis: Graphic Design/Production Design

Jacob Walsh: Visual Effects